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The death penalty has always been a hot topic.  Some believe that killing a murderer is just as low as what the criminal did, while others say that some crimes are just so horrible to try to fix.  I will tell you why it is wrong to kill a human being period.

Most states have laws that are for the death penalty but many are not quick to pull the trigger.  Compare states that do and do not have the death penalty.  You will see that states with out the death penalty have lower murder rates .  Why have it if it does not decrease the violence.  It is planned for the U.S. to execute it 1200 person this years. 

In some cases it will keep an innocent man on death row awaiting his or her death.  If you click on this link you can find the stories and amount of people released from death row.  It is right for them to be released, but did they not go through enough pain by just the thought of being murdered by the government.  Waking up and counting down the days before your life is over is not a very happy moment to wake up to.  Imagine what the innocent family goes through.  The whole neighborhood knowing that the father or mother is in prison waiting for death.  Imagine the children that will never get to see their father, better yet the innocent father.  Being human as we all are, we can all make mistakes.  This is a mistake that can not be corrected. 

The video below shows  actor Jeremy Irons just speaking about how the death penalty should not be in the legal system.

All good reasons and support his reasoning for not having the law.  We share the passion for life.  Here below is a video of Senator Huckabee answering a question on the Republican Debate televised by CNN. 

He shares his reasons of why he supports the death penalty but he hides behind the law and the people.  He says the people are the ones that execute the convicted not him.  Instead of showing his personal feeling he says how it is. 

Going over the evidence and case over and over again does not help the innocent that have already been executed.  There are at least 5 cases that had new evidence or testimonies rise closing in on the execution date.  Either it was too late or the Governor or Judge ignored it and said it was not necessary to re open the case.  No telling how many executed are actually innocent.  Here are some of the stories.

Everyone has the right to breathe and live, that should not be taken away even from the guilty.  Who are we to act as god and take the life of someone.  I support Jeremy Irons on his words and encourage the abolishment of the death penalty.  Going as low as the wrong never makes a right, no matter what the crime is.


Many Seniors in High School have bills of their own to pay.  Many people believe that they should be allowed to go to school half the day and able to work the rest but others think they should still be obligated to learn until they graduate.  I believe they should be able to work half the day so they can learn the job life as well as a responsibility.

 1.  What is the authority of the commentary?  Jeremy Irons using statistics.  Senator Huckabee has enforced the punishment. 

2.  What type of argument is attempted definition, evaluative, other?

3.  What evidence is citied?  Is the evidence convincing?  Valid?    Verifiable? Senator Huckabee states that he has made the decisions and believes that for some crimes the death penalty is necassery.

Jeremy Irons says that it is not reverseable and that places that do not use the punishment have no lower or high crime rates.

4.  Where do the view points conflict?  How and why? one believes that it not necassary to go down to the criminals level and kill, while the other believes that it is necassery to keep them from commiting that crime again.

5.  Which do you judge to be the most convincing? Why?
I believe that the Jeremy Irons is more convincing.  Most people would go with that since most people are against the death penalty until it happens to your family.

The end of a great season had Alabama on top as the NCAA Champions.  There are several things that people are talking about now that some smart people in offices decided to change some rules.  One of the rules is for safety, another is for discipline and I think they threw the 3rd to just cause.

Starting next year 2 of the rules will take into effect.  One is that there will be no more wedge protection during a kickoff play.  There is study that shows that 20% of all injuries on a kick off result in concussions.  I am for it, anything that keeps these kids safe so they can continue pounding on each other is ok with me.  Not really necessary since you will still have 11 players running full speed one way and 10 others acting as a wall to let one guy through.  I don’t think there will be a drop in the percentage but if it helps them sleep at night.

Many see that banding the messages on the eye black is taking away a certain type of freedom.  When you go out to play football you go do just that.  You are not out on the field to represent your “Hood” or say “Hi MOM”.  You are there to hit and score.  The only thing you should represent is the school you are playing for and I believe the uniform you are wearing is good enough representation.

The one rule that many people don’t like is the taunting rule, before it would just put you 15 yards back after the touchdown.  Now it could cost the game.  This rule will not take into effect until the 2011 season.  A little bit of cushion or warning you can so all players know that it is in effect. 

This could be a big deal especially since many games in the past have had a go ahead touchdown score with the very energetic and happy player doing a flip or spike of some sort.  The 2009 Fiesta Bowl had a play just like that by the Texas Longhorns.  I feel the same way about this rule change the just as I do about the eye black with messages.  It is football not American Idol.

The player is there to play.  Do your best and that is all you really want from him.  If you wanted all the attention to go to you, you should have been an actor.  Millions of people will look at you every time someone pushes play on the DVD with your movie in it.  I like the celebrating rule they have with the NCAA.  If you are with your team it is not considered celebrating because it is not drawing attention to you but to the team that scored.

In most cases no one remembers the name of the player that scored a winning touchdown of a championship game.  The team will go into the records book and everyone will remember the Florida or Texas or USC jersey crossed the line not the name.

Being a man who loves to grill, my favorite thing to grill will have to be my fajitas.  Now you will probably say all fajita is the same but they are not.  I have never had a disappointed guest after they had a taste of the meat that took me a long time to perfect.  Sometimes I try something new if it will only be my wife and I eating but with guests I always stick to what works.

I never buy meat until the day I plan to cook it. I like it fresh and do not like dealing with having to defrost the meat.  So first thing I do when i get back from the store is cut up the fajita meat into simple small pieces as if they were ribs with out the bone.  Getting a big enough bowl to handle all the meat I dump it all in there.  With about 10 limes, I cut them and squeeze all the juice and throw the used lime into the bowl as well.  Using Fajita seasoning from traders village (OBQ, you might have heard of it) lemon pepper, garlic salt I get dirty and mix it all up with my hands.  When I’m all done I lick my thumb to taste the flavor like a kid just ate some doritos and don’t have a napkin.

I always get the meat ready before I start the grill.  I don’t use lighter fluid so it takes a little longer to get the coals burning at the right temperature, but it lets the juices get in the meat more.  My wife handles the all the sides like the beans and rice.  So this is my favorite time of my grilling adventure, beer-thirty.  I slouch on my chair and turn up the tunes just like you would see on any good commercial.

After the coals are nice and whitish/red look I spread them evenly on one side of the grill so it gives me the cooking area.  Doing that it also gives me an area to put the meat after it is cooked just so it stays nice and hot.  I do my heat test and put my hand about 5 inches above the cooking area.  If I have to pull my hand away in under 3 seconds then it is just to hot to grill, anything over and it is good to go.

I put as much meat on the grill as possible on the side of the grill with the coals.  Before i close the grill cover I let the flame come high a little as if hell just received a new tenant.  I continue to flip until fully cooked and move them to side with no coals as I add more meat to get cooked. 

I never put any salt or black pepper on serving table so I can judge myself.  The person will take a bite first without adding anything else to the meat.  It lets me know if I did satisfy the taste or if they just don’t have working taste buds since I know it came out tasting like chocolate did the first time a baby put his or her lips on it.

Are you living in one of the house holds that do not have a firearm of some sort in the house.  That may not be a good thing, according to research,  it shows that having a high percentage of gun ownership actually decreases violence.  I have a sign in my front yard that I will honestly say works better than the ADT sign since it shows a rifle and notification that it will shoot survivors.

With the laws going around now about gun control and more people being able to carry one.  No wonder punk thugs are getting scared to steal a little old lady since she might have something in her purse.  If you look at charts from the 1990’s to now you will see lower crime rates than before.  People are able to protect themselves now and it’s not just in murder, but all crimes.  Not many people are attempting to rob a liquor store since more or likely the cashier has some sort of protection underneath the register.

The education of gun control is greatly approved even by non weapon owners.  Most people take care of their weapon since they do not want it just lying around.  Some people have large safes and others have a smaller one just for a single pistol.  Gun control is a way to keep the weapons from getting into the wrong hands.  Before the safes were out, underneath the bed was just the best place to do it but it was not the best place especially if you had kids.  With the new gun control methods out suicide rates and accidental deaths by firearms have dropped as well.

Just cause there are more weapons out in the world does not mean there will be more crime.  Thieves and murderers will always be out there somewhere, if they have a gun I would like to have a fair fight.  I do not want to  be the one bringing a knife to a gun fight, we all know who wins.  The ones that grow up in the streets will have access to a weapon they always will.   Even if the government could stop all weapons from being sold, it would only mean the thieves would always get what they want.  Putting a weapon in the hands of a good Samaritan could push those thieves or murderers by just showing the weapon. The victim will be saved and hopefully the ones trying to commit the crime will know they got lucky.

Cops cannot be everywhere but there are good people all around.  Most people will hope that there are a lot more good than bad.  I know if I walked down the street to the store there would be someone with a weapon.  I would hope they would help me in the time in need as I would help them if I saw them in the need of help.  With the right education taught to the men and woman wanting to own a weapon hopefully crime rate will drop.

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He will be in our hearts and everyone will miss his presence.  Living a quite normal childhood being born and raised in Fort Worth, TX.  Same house for al 18 years before leaving to the Marines.  After marriage, parenthood and 5 years in the Marine Corps he came back to where it started.  He left behind a 1-year-old daughter and a loving wife. 

His mother would say he was very quite.  That he never really talked to with the other kids.  On his own birthday video, you would see all the kids running back and forth but not Jose.  He would sit there alone calmer then clouds above playing with his favorite dinosaur toy.  Even through his older years his stories usually had only several people in them but no matter how old he got it, the stories always had the same friends.  Quiet and simple is what his mother would say.

His friends would not see that side of him.  They would say stories of them roaming the nights as if there was no tomorrow.  He spent more time moving than thinking, he saw it as a time waster since he could just fix it later.  Before he even graduated high school he had already enlisted 5 years of his life to the Marine corps.  He left shortly after graduating and did his duty for his country.  When he came to the end of his service he had received Navy Achievement Medal and several Letters of Appreciation.  He received an Honorable Discharge as a Sergeant.  His friends would say he was more loyal than water is to the ocean. 

He left the service not sure what he was going to do with his life, but he knew he was going to do something.  Knowing him to not be the wait around and expect for something to land on his lap.  He grabbed to the first job he could and started working.  First day on the job as a helper for a commercial refrigeration contractor and with his luck it was Texas heat alright.  That day it reached to 105 degrees.  After sitting around for a week looking for a job it hits you hard.  He stuck with it knowing he had a family to provide for, so he had to take what he could get.  Learned how to run cable from working with DirecTv but due to his family buying a car wash he decided to give them a hand and be there for family since it would be easier for him to go to school and work at a family business. 

People always saw him as a smart man even though he never read much but if he saw a mechanism of some sort he could tell you how it worked and probably grab a hammer to fix it.  He did not know much about the world or how or why it spins but  he knew what rock and steel could do and why it did it that way.  He achieved many things and had a great full filling life.  Courage and loyalty were one of his biggest things in life.  If you had courage you had the ability to everything.  Loyalty would hopefully lead you in the correct direction.  He will be missed just as the night always misses the day.

The students are the future of our country and any abuse could really hurt them not only physically but as well as mentally.  Having the children in good physical health as well as mental health will help them succeed in life in any thing.  The Keeping All Students Safe Act is good because too many students are getting hurt at school.  No teacher should be allowed to hurt a student. If the teacher is feeling a threat at most they should restrain the student.  If the teacher feels threatened or feels that his/her reactions to the student may be wrong the teacher should get another faculty member to assist.  It’s just the way it should be.  Dealing with children of all ages everyday for months at a time without break could be nerve wrecking.  Having teachers taking classes to prevent this will help the conduct of the teacher as well as the safety of all the children in the school.  Having safe students will take fear away from their mind and help education. 

Teachers have rights as well as any other work in the United States.  They are always given the right to go to their section leader and report any abuse of any sort.  This is a way to  protect themselves.  As a parent my self I would not want my child to come home with bruises along the wrist let alone the neck.  I would not want my child to go back to school next day.  Reading the articles these day in the news about bullying and the victim taking his or her life is just sad.  Students are not only bullies in school.  Teachers can push or be aggressive to students to get their point across when the student is acting up.  As well as safety, the Keeping Students Safe act also has a mandatory policy for a certain amount of teachers in each school get training for crisis intervention as well as first aid.  Another way of keeping our students safe.    Just cause a student may not be listening now does not mean that restraining him or her as  a discipline act will help the situation.

  We have to keep the students safe at any means necessary.  There should be no reason why a teacher lays a hand on a student unless the teacher is feeling threatened.  In most cases the teacher could walk away and get higher authority or another colleague.  With the training this bill will make mandatory should make parents all over the country feel better about sending their children off to school.  First aid and crisis intervention are great things for teachers to know since they never know when they would have to use it.  Discipline act or force compliance should never be the way to handle things, but we do understand the that dealing with disobedient children could be hard. The teacher should be able to handle things professionally with out harm.  Passing the Keeping All Students Safe Act H.R. 4247 will help all parents feel better about sending their children off to school.

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If you steal my car the first thing I would probably feel would be the adrenaline going through my body.  I know everything will be ok since I do have insurance, but I will still have anger and vengeance will fill my mind and hope that I will not act on them.  Hoping that the no good thief gets caught and gets the punishment he deserves will be the desired end of this story, but of course the possibility of finding the car or the thief is slim to none.  I will miss my car and wish for it back but in the end I will I have a new car to drive and hate in my heart for any thief out there from the kid stealing candy to the well known Bonnie and Clyde duo.

Seeing that this is my first official car it will be greatly missed.  After about 2 weeks of searching I knew I had found the one for me.  Since I just arrived from a deployment I had some extra change in the bank and decided to go all out and got expensive wheels and radio for it since I believed I would spend a long time with it.  I missed my car so much when i got into a wreck last year some time and almost cried when I saw the damage.  Great thing it was only exterior damage for me but looked like the Mustang that hit me ran into a brick wall at about eighty miles per hour.  I’ve taken good care of my car since day one.  Washing it every couple days waxing every month.  I have that privledge since I do work at a car wash.  I get to see it shine every day.

 The only experience I have from a thief is when i was about sixteen someone stole my stereo out of my 99′ Sierra.  I was so angry that I kicked my tailgate, which was not smart since it left a dent.  I really dont like thieves now, so I know that stealing my baby (car) would just make me go crazy.   Several months ago my wife had my car and went to the store.  Coming close to sunset when she was returning to the vehicle a man in a hoodie decided to test his luck.  She ran and he ran away empty handed.  After she called 911 she called me.  We lived 2 blocks away so I ran as fast as I could to her aid and as any man would do to check on his car.  May not be right but honestly I did.

Adrenaline, Anger, Vengaence, hatred would go through me in a heart beat.  Hours would pass before I settle knowing that since I do have insurance everything would be ok.  Still I wish punishment will occur for those who made me go through suffering.  Never had I wish bad things upon someone but I’m sure it will occur.  I am a firm believer on what goes around comes around.  Seeing that I will be missing my car the thief will miss more.